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Version 2.0.0

In this version the following changes were made.

  • Season 2014-2015 is added. The current season can be changed using the settings view.
  • Support for split time registration is added in this version. While entering the split time of a lap, the lap time and the difference with the personal record are automatically calculated. If a skater is faster than his current personal record the difference is shown in green.
  • Functionality is added for registration of other distances. For example: you can add a new distance of 200 meters. So you can enter events that have this distance in it.
  • Support is added to the skater details screen to compare a maximum of fore results on a distance. If the distance is 1000 meters or more a chart is shown with the lap times.
  • The personal chart is moved to a new part of the screen. You can view the personal chart with a click on the chart icon in the skater details view.
  • The help functionality is extended and moved to the main navigation bar. Attention: a network connection is required to view the help.