Using this screen, you can register the results of the races during the event or afterwards.

For each heat you register the results. After the screen is opened, a list of all heats within the event are shown. You can select a different event by using the link "Select event". This list-screen wil show:

  • the distance
  • the heat
  • the color of the strap
  • the current personal, seasonal or track record
  • the result time
  • indicators for a new personal, seasonal or track or a crash

You can register the results of a heat by selecting the race in the list. If two registered skaters are competing in the same race, both of the results can be entered in the same screen. The name of the skater and his or her personal record is shown the header of the table. You can register a fall or a disqualification by using the switches in the header. If a skater is disqualified all of his times will be deleted from the table.

You can enter the split times and/or the end time in the table. If you select a text field in the table a custom keyboard will be shown. Using this keyboard you can enter a split-time (minutes, seconds and hundredths of a second). You can use the buttons Next and Previous to navigate quickly between the fields. It's not necessary to enter all the fields during the race. You can also do this later on. If you enter a split time incorrectly a red background will be shown in the text field.

If you have entered a split time, the lap-time and the difference with the personal, seasonal of track record will be calculated automatically. If a split time is faster then the current personal record, the difference will be shown using a green text color.

On the top of the overview page an button "Export" is available. This button can be used to create an e-mail with the results of an event. This functionality can ben used to share the results with other people.

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